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Our participation in the development of local communities

The construction of infrastructure and the assistance provided to local populations are part of the vision of the Thanry group since its creation in Ivory Coast. The assistance we have proposed is intended to meet the needs of the community and improve their quality of life. Our approach aims to create a positive synergy between our economic activities and the general interest, in a logic of sustainable development.

Many actions to stimulate and develop local communities :

  • Construction of the Gilles THANRY High-School in Guiglo (1,427 students in 2023).
  • Construction of the sub-prefecture of Guezon in Duekoué.
  • Construction of the sub-prefecture of KOUAN-HOULE in Danané.
  • Construction of the residence of the sub-prefect of KOUAN-HOULE.
  • Construction of St Paul’s Church in Guiglo.
  • Donation of a building of three classrooms to the residence district in Guiglo.
  • Donation of a three-room building to Goya 2.
  • Construction of a building of 3 classrooms and an administrative building in Zouan.
  • Rehabilitation of access roads to several villages.
  • Cash donation for participation in village development programs.
  • Provision of machinery for the realization of works of general interest (roads, bridges, infrastructures …)
  • Rehabilitation of the framework of the primary school of Glaou.
  • Development of a sports complex for the youth of Guinkin.
  • Development of a sports complex in Paris Léona.
  • Supply of building materials (rafters, boards, cement, sheets) meeting the needs of villages located in the areas where we operate.
  • Opening and reprofiling of tracks for the electrification of villages.
  • Reprofiling of certain major non-asphalt roads.

Condition of workers :

Great importance is attached to the good working conditions of our employees. This is why we have created the Occupational Health and Safety Committee, a social body dedicated to the continuous improvement of working conditions. This committee proposes measures to promote the well-being of workers. The Thanry Group believes that awareness is essential, which is why our employees are encouraged to be proactive and contribute to a safe work environment.

We have also invested in modern facilities to meet the needs of our workers, so new changing rooms and modern toilet blocks have been installed to ensure hygiene and comfort. In terms of safety, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to our employees (gloves, helmets, safety shoes, work clothes, protective glasses). We also upgrade our fire truck to ensure an effective response to an emergency.

The training of our employees is a priority. We offer training for lifeguards and first aid workers (OHS). Some of our employees are also trained in fire safety, as First Response Team (PPE) and Second Response Team (ESI). 

The health of our workers is a major concern. Every year, medical visits are organized to ensure their well-being. The infirmary has been recently renovated and a doctor is present to meet the medical needs of our workers and their families.

Finally, we promote open dialogue with employee representatives. Regular exchanges are encouraged in order to understand their needs and to put in place appropriate measures to  continuously improve working conditions.